Everybody Brands with Brian Sooy

Part Two: How Strategy Helps Organizations Thrive in the Digital Age

Episode Summary

In Part Two of, "How Strategy Helps Organizations Thrive in the Digital Age," we about talk strategy and a business framework that helps nonprofits thrive. We continue our conversation between host Brian Sooy and Sarah Olivieri from Pivot Ground. Sarah the founder and heart behind Pivot Ground, an agency that helps human service nonprofits increase capacity, deliver better programming, attract more funding, and make the world a better place.

Episode Notes

If you’re a board member or nonprofit leader, this two-part episode of Everybody Brands is one to which you need to listen, to understand why your digital strategy needs to be part of your entire organizational structure.

All businesses need to be managing their digital resources, but It's like a “spaghetti of things.”

What many leaders neglect is that just like if you have a campus of buildings, somebody has to manage that campus. You probably already have an ecosystem of digital tools that you're using and somebody needs to be keeping an eye on those resources.

It is a critical function to get the most out of those resources and ensure that they’re used properly to strengthen and connect the entire organization.

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